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Message from Chairman

Ir Dr. John LEUNG

Chairman (Session 2018-2020) 

Nominated Council Board Member (2018-2020)

The Society of Operations Engineers (Hong Kong Region)

It is indeed my pleasure and honor to be elected as the Chairman of the Society of Operations Engineers (Hong Kong Region) for the session 2018-2020.   In the past 15 years, SOEHK region has organized and contributed to various engineering activities such as industrial visits, annual symposiums, charity events, collaboration with other engineering institutions, etc.  The establishment of SOEHK region by our fellow predecessors since 8 August 2003, accumulating with their achievements with great leaderships, as of today paved the way of SOEHK’s growth to more than 2000 members.

With my professional in the Systems Engineering, Plant Operations and overseas Project Management experience, also with the research background of power system, energy storage and power electronics. In the coming session of my chairmanship, I shall work closely with the members of Executive Committee  i) to expand and enable flexible, diverse, communities to help our members to share, collaborate, network, and engage with one another;  ii) to provide technically vital forum/symposium for the discussion, development, and dissemination of authoritative knowledge related to traditional technologies while focusing more of our attentions towards serving the professionals working on emerging and disruptive technologies;  iii) to continue offering CPD activities to our members to facilitate the life-long learning habit, and giving such platforms for knowledge sharing through organizing technical seminars, visits, and symposium;  iv) to support and motivate members of SOEHK to participate the voluntary work;   v) to work closely with SOEHK President in licensing Mechanic Scheme, and the Voluntary Registration Scheme for Vehicle Maintenance Workshops. The IRTE professional sector will proactively involve to the motor industry, supporting IRTE members, automotive engineering students, and industrial practitioners; and   vi) to keep the momentum growth of SOE Hong Kong Region membership for development of the Society with engineering expertise of diversity, being competent and accountable to serve the society and the industry.

We understand that members are the key success of a society. All the above goals not only provided a platform for members’ continuous professional development but also the relationship strengthening between SOEHK with other professional bodies through our closer collaboration. As a learning society, we encourage our members to participate on the front line of our voluntary committee work so as to grab the opportunities to learn and growth with the society.

Moreover, SOE has introduced the Student Member (full time student) and Apprentice Member with free membership for a maximum of 4 years, we aim to foster new blood candidates to become professional members in the future.

In the coming two years, I am glad to serve the SOE Hong Kong Region and I would like to seek member’s support, commitment, effort towards the Society. It is believed to be the greatest motivation to keep us growth steadily and healthily.

As 2019 is around the corner, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a safe and healthy 2019.

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