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Professional Registration Outline

The Engineering Technician (EngTech) qualification proves your skills in development, production, and maintenance of all kinds of equipment, vehicles, product, plant, and process machinery. EngTechs also take on supervisory and management roles, and contribute to design improvement. SOE is committed to ensuring all members gain access to the qualification that is right for them. You will need to demonstrate, through application, that you meet the standard required. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Qualification based - if you have a Level 3 and above or equivalent (either college based or apprenticeship), you can apply directly for Engineering Technician.
  2. Workplace assessment - for those without formal qualifications but who are qualified by experience, we can arrange for an assessor to evaluate you.


  1. 基本資格-具有3級及以上或同等學歷 (高級文憑或學徒制)
  2. 工作場所評估-對於沒有正式資格但具有經驗的人士可以安排評估員進行工作評估


Incorporated Engineers (IEng) manage and maintain applications of current and developing technology, and are involved with design, development, manufacture, construction, and inspection. Those with IEng perform vital roles, and have influence within industry. IEng is generally assessed through qualifications which demonstrate your underpinning knowledge and understanding of the Engineering Council requirements for the qualification, but there are also alternative routes.

  1. Qualification route: An accredited degree in engineering or technology, alternatively HNC/D plus appropriate further learning (or equivalent), or
  2. Technical Report Option (TRO): Gain IEng by producing an in-depth technical report of a project or theory, which demonstrates your ability to work at IEng level

Regardless of route, all IEng candidates must undertake a Professional Review Interview (PRI). It is conducted with two SOE approved IEng or higher qualified assessors, who will talk to you about your skills, experience and assess you against the competencies for the qualifications.

實務工程師 (IEng) 執行管理和保養現時應用中和開發中的技術,並參與設計、開發、製造、建造和檢查。擁有實務工程師資格在行業內具有影響力,扮演著重要的角色。實務工程師一般是透過學歷進行評估,從而證明申請人對工程師註冊局的要求有一定的認識和理解。申請人可以透過以下其中之一途徑證明符合相關的標準要求:

  1. 學歷:透過認可的工程學位,或者高級證書/文憑加上適當的同等級持續進修,或
  2. ​​撰寫技術報告:透過深入分析的技術報告以證明申請人具有實務工程師級別的能力。



Chartered Engineer (CEng) marks you as an individual who works to develop solutions to complex engineering problems using new or existing technologies, through innovation, creativity and embracing new ideas.

CEng is the highest level of Engineering Council qualification. SOE helps all members who qualify to attain it, through one of two routes:

  1. Qualification route: an appropriate Bachelor’s degree, plus Masters with appropriate accreditation, or a CEng accredited degree with appropriate further learning, or
  2. Technical Report Option (TRO) you will need to identify and write an in-depth report which proves you are working at CEng level. You will also need to be assigned to a mentor who will review and report on your progress

Regardless of route, all CEng candidates must undertake a Professional Review Interview (PRI); this will be with two SOE approved CEng qualified assessors, who will talk to you about your skills, experience and assess you against the competencies for the qualifications.



  1. 學歷:具有相應的工程學士及碩士學位,或具有特許工程師認可的持續進修學位,或
  2. 撰寫技術報告:透過深入分析的技術報告以證明申請人具有特許工程師級別的能力。此外申請人會被分配一位導師進行評估及跟進技術報告的進度。



A Registered Environmental Technician (REnvTech) must have a level of underpinning knowledge, understanding and skills equivalent to at least Level 3 (e.g. A Levels), normally have a minimum of two years relevant work based practice and be able to showcase that they actively support sustainable management of the environment. They are able to identify, adapt and use appropriate methods and skills to develop practical sustainable solutions in their role.



The relevant environmental knowledge of a Registered Environmental Practitioner (REnvP) is aligned with level 5 qualifications (e.g. a foundation degree). They are committed to planning, implementing, evaluating and supporting good environmental practices in their work. They have a level of autonomy, provide advice, inform senior leaders and hold co-ordinating roles within projects. The environment can be the core part of their role, or professionals can specialise in environmental work as, for example, an engineer, or construction manager. REnvP application does not reqire interview.

註冊環保師(REnvP)具有等同於高級文憑水平的環境知識,以及於計劃、實施、評估、和實踐環境保護等方面具有一定程度的自主權,能夠提供建議,並在工程項目中擔任協調角色。與環境範疇有關的項目,例如:環保項目的工程師或建築經理,是環境方面的專業,亦是註冊環保師的部分核心工作。申請註冊環保師(REnvP) 無需要求面試

A REnvP working in the Engineering Sector may have job roles including:


•        Environmental Consultant 環境顧問

•        Fleet or Workshop Manager 車隊或車輛維修工場經理

•        Technical Advisor技術顧問

•        Environmental Advisor環境顧問

•        Environmental, Health and Safety Officer環境、健康與安全主任


A Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) has Master's level knowledge, typically holds a minimum of four years of relevant work based practice and can showcase that they are able to lead sustainable management of the environment within their discipline.

CEnv registrants are highly regarded professionals able to make informed decisions in complex scenarios and show leadership to others. They are able to demonstrate expertise in their environmental discipline.

All CEnv candidates must undertake a Professional Review Interview (PRI). It is conducted with two SOE approved CEnv qualified assessors,



Progression 發展

Each of the three Environmental professional registrations are aligned in a way that enables structured progression from REnvTech to REnvP to CEnv. Many use the registrations to demonstrate progression as their level of practical experience, influence, responsibility and technical expertise increases - e.g. from practitioner level (REnvP) to Chartership level (CEnv). The progression stages can be identified throughout the required competences for each registration.


Competences 勝任能力

  1. Application of Knowledge and Understanding of the Environment to Further the Aims of Sustainability 運用知識和對環境的了解來促進可持續發展的目標
  2. Leading Sustainable Management of the Environment 領導可持續的環境管理
  3. Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills 有效的溝通和人際關係能力
  4. Personal Commitment to Professional Standards, Recognising Obligations to Society, the Profession and the Environment對專業標準、對社會責任的認知、對所擔任工作及對環境等方面所作出的個人承諾

Please note 請注意

You do not specifically require the level of qualification stated above (e.g. Master's Degree - or similar level 7 qualification - to become a CEnv). Demonstratable knowledge equivalence is absolutely accepted and common. REnvTech is not applicable in Hong Kong Region.

上述的認證並沒有特別學歷要求,(例如:碩士學位或等同的資格才可以成為特許環保師)。因此在評審方面而言,評審員普遍地是絕對接受若申請人能夠證明所展示的知識是相等於所申請的級別。註冊環保技術員(REnvTech) 並不適用於香港地區。


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